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The latest advanced facial treatment

Fibroblast is a revolutionary treatment that tightens the skin in a non invasive and non surgical way, therefore using no scalpels or any surgical instruments to cut the loose skin.

How Does it Work?

Fibro Blast is a skin tightening treatment that uses an electric arch that is transmitted through a small probe and heats the targeted area for the precise skin lifting effect.  This innovative technique cannot cause the so called 'overlifting' you can get with surgery as it only affects excess/loose skin which returns to its 'original state'  The principle is to ionize gases in the area to create a small electrical arch, similar to a tiny lightning bolt, with which dermal and epidermal areas, which are affected by aesthetic problems, may be treated without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas.  When the electrical arch touches the skin surface, the heat widens the acne and is transferred into the epidermis as the way to the papillary layer which contains fibroblast cell.  Consequently the excess skin is reduced and the result is comparable to lifting or wrinkle reduction. 

Fibroblast Explained in Full - All Q & A - 30 Mins - * See our APP for Q&A*

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Consultation - 30 mins

Cheek Lines - Approx. 90 Mins 

Crows Feet - Approx. 75 mins 

Full Face - Approx. 240 mins 

Lower Face - Approx. 120 Mins 

Lower Lid (2 treatments inclusive) Approx. 90 Mins 

Nasolabial Fold - Approx. 60 mins

Neck - Approx. 240 mins 

Smokers Lines - Approx. 60 mins

Upper and Lower lids (2 treatments inclusive) Approx. 130 mins

Upper Eyelid (2 treatments inclusive) Approx. 90 mins