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Most Popular

  • Pamper feet and polish
  • Master Pedicure
  • Shellac on Toes

Other Pedicures

  • Feeling Good Pedicure
  • File and polish
  • Looking Good Pedicure
  • Pamper Feet
  • Luxury shellac
  • Gel polish removal

You haven't experienced a proper pedicure until you try our vast range of treatments. Feet are often treated as an after-thought in the beauty industry but not at Revival Retreat. We LOVE feet and our therapists have had advanced training to deal with problem areas to ensure you leave the salon walking on air. Our spa chairs with an added back massager add a little luxury to treatments. An ideal way to spend some quality time with a friend.


Most Popular Pedicures

Pamper Feet with Polish (45 mins)

This is our most popular mini pedicures as its main purpose is to tackle unsightly hard skin and callouses. Feet are cleansed and soaked in a botanic soak. We then file/cut toenails to your preference, buff the nail plate and reduce your hard skin using a protective blade. A relaxing and revitalising peppermint foot lotion is then massaged into feet, finished off by your choice of polish.

Master Pedicure (75 mins)

You haven't had a proper pedicure until you have tried our Master Pedicure, which will leave your feet looking and feeling fantastic. Feet are cleansed and soaked in a botanical  soak, then peppermint foot scrub ir applied to slough off dry skin. This is left on to activate for fine minutes while our spa chair massages your lower and upper back. Toenails are clipped and shaped to preference with the nail plate buffed to reduce ridges and smoothed out. Hard skin is reduced and calluses removed with a safety blade then skin is buffed over to leave it smooth. Cuticles are trimmed and pushed back and a stimulating peppermint foot masque is applied to deeply cleanse and hydrate your feet. Revitalising peppermint foot lotion is massaged into your feet and lower legs and the treatment ends with your choice of OPI colour.

Other Mini Pedicures

Feeling Good Pedicure with polish (45 mins)

Perfect if your main area of concern is dry overgrown cuticles. Feet are soaked in our spa pedicure chair then a peppermint masque is applied and we get to work on the cuticles by trimming, hydrating and pushing them back and massaging feet. Toenails are filed and polish applied

File and Polish (20 mins)

File and polish of toenails - simple but effective

Looking Good Pedicure (30 mins)

A step up from our file and polish with feet cleansed and soaked in a spa baths for 10 mins before nails are filed and polished.

Pamper Feet (30 mins)

All about hard skin! Feet are soaked in our botanical soak. Nails are filed and hard skin reduced using our safety blades.

Feeling Good (30 mins)

It's just about the cuticles. Feet are soaked in our botanical soak then a peppermint foot masque is applied while we go to work bringing your cuticles back to life. Nails are filed and shaped.